Friday-April 25th,2008

It is friday in seattle and I am freezing here.The temps were in the 30s last night and I am very cold here even with the heat on.I woke up with a bad cold and Brad is not making it better.All I feel is down right used and I miss Frank more.I just cried for half and hour and I do feel better.But when there is noone here to help you..what can I do? She hasnt spoke to me ever since Frank died and i do not know the reason.It was like it is my fault and I do feel like castaway.I feel so rejected by this friend of mine that I no longer want to be friends with her and the others.I do not want to call them anymore and I refuse.I want nothing to do with them and I will never see them again.Have you noticed that when a person dies today all of the friends go away? This shows their immaturity and when someone close to them dies,I just wont even send them a card or flowers.Then They will see what it is like to be abandoned.People here know of the situation with Brad and it is not getting easier.He is very very difficult and I am at the end of my rope.All I have are my cats and I like my cats better.My little Tooey is my best friend and if anything happened to one of my cats,I will never be the same again.But I do miss frank and noone here wants to help me out,so I have decided not to be bothered and see if they like it.Please let me grieve.I have got a right.And do not judge me.