Since I was laid off on01/31/08 and sitting home looking for a job on my computer, what do you think an alcoholic is going to do?  I have been drinking so much more than usual but I have detoxed myself a couple of times during this period, and the past two weeks have seriously tapered off getting ready to detox yet once again.Tomorrow will be my first day of freedom.  I think it's fitting.I know what my body can take and I know what it can't so tapering off is my choice of detoxing so I don't put my body thru so much stress.  This morning was pretty darned good.  Barely any shaking so I am thrilled.  Absolutely thrilled that this will be an easy one. not so physically hard.  I have so much to do before I start my job next Wednesday that I am thrilled about that, too.  Something to focus on and be productive at the same time.  Tons of clothes to spruce up - iron, etc.This is the first time I have ever detoxed on the 4th of July.  Freedom day.  I am so looking forward to it.DS has been a great inspiration and I have looked into AA groups in my area but I can't seem to find any and I find that awfully odd.  I live close to downtown San Jose and there are tons of alkies around here.  Tons. So, I will find a different site.  I mean it said that there were NONE in San Jose...San Jose!!  That doesn't make sense.  Not just downtown San Jose...San Jose...Well...wait....there was one in San Jose but not English-speaking.I don't need luck to be wished upon.  Just the Grace of God.