Freaking out!

On January 6th I ovulated.  6 days later or 6 DPO, I started my period cramps as always.  I always seem to get them for at least a week and a half.  At that time, I kind of knew it wasn't my month.  Yesterday, 12 DPO my temperature dropped to 97.7 which is a definite drop but barely below coverline, a sure sign AF was coming the next day (it was due today or tomorrow).  Last night I had cramps pretty bad and I just knew.  Well this morning my temperature spiked to 98.2!!!  I was like "what, what?"  So today, 13 DPO, my temperature was expected to drop some more but instead it rose.  I took at test but I got a BFN.  Hmmmm.  Now I'm at work just dwelling and obsessing!  I can't stop thinking about what if.  I keep going over all my symptoms.  Last time I was pregnant, I had diahhrea (sorry tmi) and a sour stomach bad a few days before my BFP.  Yesterday and today, same thing.  Hmmmmm.  The other day, my cat stepped on my boob while I was laying in bed and it really really hurt, more than normal and I was like Hmmmm but dismissed that thought real quick.  Now I'm really like Hmmmmm.  Then there was an evening right before O that late at night I had A LOT of EWCM and I woke my BF up and BDed that night and in the morning.  Most months I don't get EWCM, and if I do, it's barely there.  This month I was so excited I had so much!  But again, when I got it I tried not to think about it because I've had too many disappointing months.  And lastly, I usually always always get a zit on my chin usually in the same spot a day or two before AF.  This month, nothing.  I've had several Hmmmmm's today and I'm going crazy with them all.   I'm trying not to do this to myself because I've done it so many times and so many times I've been disappointed.  But the temperature rise, that has never happened.  Is it possible that I could have been extra hot right before I took my temp?  I didn't feel hot, except that I did wear a sweatshirt to bed last night because I was freezing.  One part of me still really thinks AF is coming because of my period cramps, the other part of me obviously is really really hoping.   The next 18 hours is going to be tough! I want to start a discussion on here about this but I'm scared.  I probably will soon because I'm obessing so much.    If anyone is reading this, please keep your fingers crossed for me! I really hope this month is my month.