Freakin' scale finally moved!!

I've been trying to figure out why the scale wasn't moving.
I hadn't been exercising, so I joined a gym and started.. and still it didn't move.
I was keeping my calories at around 800.. I think that wasn't enough, because I decided to change it to 1000 a day, and did for the last 2 days, and now the scale is moving. 
It was such a thrill to step on the scale this morning and see it finally drop below 210.  I've been so frustrated these last 3-4 weeks to be fighting with the 212-213# range and NEVER moving away from it.  
This morning I was 209.  YIPPEEE!!!! ONE MORE POUND and I'm OUT of the OBESE range and into just 'OVERWEIGHT'  WAHOOOO!!!



That is AWESOME! Congratulations on staying with it and hanging in there!

GREAT for you! It feels good to see the scale move...remember in order to stay healthy you must always eat healthy while will end up burning off all of your cals and then your body will think it is starving...thus retaining everything it can...great job!