Foxy,,a History

All of you know my best friend Foxy, but my newer friends don't know our history.  Foxy and I met at a no-kill shelter called Fuzzy Friends.  We connected on cold Saturday morning about five years ago.  When I adopted her, she was called Baby there, I was told she was a very active dog.  That was total surprise for a while, because when I put her in the car, she promptly went to sleep on the front seat next to me.  I put her in the back yard when we got home because she was to be an "outside" dog.  She wondered around the yard for a while, then I brought her in the house where she leisurely inspected all the rooms.  Then, this active dog jumped into my lap and fell asleep for about an hour.  When she woke up, she let loose!  She was about bouncing off the walls and ceiling as she ran around the house and did the same when she got back into the back yard covering it in record time.  I was working 12 hour shifts at work from 3AM-3PM which meant I was away from home for at least 14 hours a day.  When the weather turned hot, I got her a kid's wading pool so she could cool off during the day.  She became an inside dog when a pit bull moved into the yard behind us.  I had visions of Foxy, being a very friendly dog, putting her paw on the fence and coming back with a nub.  She made the transition with only a couple of "accidents" in 3 years.  She has seen me go through 4 bouts of mrsa with me laying on the bed crying from the pain, and 3 stays in the hospital, some weeks at a time, when she was put in a kennel.  She has seen more hospital stays with various problems.  When I had my knee problem, she learned to go to the back yard by herself because I couldn't walk down the steps.(We have a side door and I use a leash to take her to and from the yard.  She has since forgotten how to do that much to my chagrin.)  This last sudden abandonment when I went to the state hospital with me being taken away in a police car, hit her hard.  She has stuck by me and learned more about me than I'll learn about her.  She is my friend, my companion, my guard dog, and my love.  I don't know what I did to deserve her, but I'm glad I did.