Found a fun way

to make some more dough--being a movie extra...or "background actor".  Signed up with  No fee to join, just fill out their online profile and upload a pic of yourself.  Gonna be in a Jennifer Aniston movie next week, acting behind Jen as a Sun Sentinel employee.  Gonna be a blast, a hoot!  Just got fitted for wardrobe today, and the acting's gonna happen 4 days next week!  $150 per 10-hour day plus time-and-a-half if it goes OT; also, a possibility of a "bump-up" to a speaking role, if they happen to like my look and voice.  Damn, it's good to be around this stupid Hollywood money!  So that's $600 before taxes In addition to the $700 I'll be pulling in next weekend doing wedding photography/videography, a nice week's chunk of change!  We'll see how many movie productions come to town; this could be exactly the additional dough I've been looking for, and fun to boot!  Great way to meet women too LOL.  "Break a leg", folks!