If I lived on the Sun there still would not be enough time in a day.  There is so much I want to accomplish in life but there always seems to something..mainly myself..working against me.  I have been the world's worst procrastinator and I am suffering the consequences.  I am improving.  I have started.  Instead of simply saying that I am going to do something..I start.  I have acknowlged many of my faults but also my strengths.  Instead of saying that something is wrong with me I am working to improve those faults.  I also have realized that acknowledging my strengths is not being arrogant and strengths need improving, too.  I think that my strengths and talents frighten me.  I have had people (yes more than one..and separate occassions at that) tell me that if I put all of my talents together .. I'd be a god.  And they were serious.  But I'm not a god..I'm a goddess.  That is something that has taken time for me to acknowledge as well.  And I apologize now for my arrogance but arrogant is what I have to be.  I have too many talents to waste..and I can't waste even one.  And I need to believe that I can bring these talents and dreams into fruition...from fantasy into reality.  A goddess is what I have to be..and this goddess has a name...and that name is Lilith.