Fortnite: Battle Royale Chest Map page contains a loot map

Head to the very back of the factory, as south as possible. There’s a chest inside the blue shipping container. Over the road from the container, there’s a parked garbage truck. Jump in the back for a chest. Head up toward the main factory building and this chest is at the bottom of a ramp, under an arch and behind a wooden crate. Up the ramp from the last chest and inside the room to your left. This chest is up the stairs, behind the conveyor belt.

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 Outside the room with the previous chest, this one is to the north, in the shipping container by the car park. Walk out of the previous container and take a left. There’s a chest in the back of the parked car. East from the car park, there’s a chest at the top of Flush Factory’s main attraction: the towering toilet. Walk into the main reception. There’s a chest in the roof, on the other side of the wall from the enormous lorry outside. There’s a model bathroom inside the main factory building. Right beneath the mechanical claw is another chest. Be careful, as this loot often falls through the floor.