forgiveness goal

first time back after setting goal a few mos. back.... been soooo busy with moving and work. Moved in with a female friend who bought a condo.... renting a room. ... lot of frustration here as we do things differently and I wonder if I didn't make ANOTHER living situation mistake.. forgiveness for crap that went down over the weekend is not coming..... she wants me to handle the "handyman" probs which is fine... BUT she keeps getting in the way... making decisions re: work as, after all, it's her house. So my knowledge and expertise are getting stomped by a woman who knows sheeeeeeeeeeeet about plumbing et. al. She called a plumber SAT and it would of cost her about $800 for a problem I can fix for under a $100. and..., of course, it is fixed and now she "sees" the light...... but continues to get in the way. Lord... did I make a mistake? Should I have stayed living alone? This friend has no other friends... but she's driving me nuts. Lord.... how do I get my serenity back.... why did I move here again? I know why Lord.... I know why I did this.... this move I made for my own health. Each time she makes a a dumba*** decision, Lord, it just f*ckin ruins my mindset... how can I get stronger Lord? I communicate with her.... everyday.... and it seems clear, at least for now... we are going to be getting in each other's way for awhile..... damn.