for rent?

Right now I'm in a 3 bedroom duplex with 4 girls.  2 sisters share the master bedroom.  They want to have their own rooms so have been looking for a place to stay, unsuccessfully.  Today they basically asked me to be looking for a place for me to stay.  If I found something good, then they wouldn't need to move out, one could take my room.  Our lease is through June 30th.
This has sent me into a tizzy, that's not the right word, sounds to energetic and excited, more like into a pit of inner reflection.  I like it here.  If I were to move from here, where would I want to go? What would be the criteria?
And then I start thinking, why am I even in TX?  Only cuz the cost of living is cheaper than in MA.  I could move anywhere, for heaven's sake.  But I know people here - who do I know?  The people in the school.  I'm not going to school anymore cuz of my health, and at this point not sure if I ever will go back to that school, I may choose to pursue an entirely different degree. 
talked to 5 ppl on here - thanks! you guys helped - not feeling as overwhelmed.



i am praying for you xxxxxxxxxxxx