For her

I wrote this song last night in despair. I found a connection with a woman that was strong.And in my usual fashion let it all go wrong.But with her I just can’t cut my losses.So I pray to Jude, Saint of lost causes. I’m told just to leave it, she’s finished with me.I’m told just to let go and leave her be.This woman has a hand in many deep pauses.So I pray to Judas, Saint of lost causes. Now I’m not a Catholic and I don’t go to church.There’s something more than Devil’s and Angel’s at work.But we all have our problems and we all bear our crosses.So I pray to St. Jude, Saint of lost causes. I still  plan to keep living and see out my dreams.Well one dream is her lying calm here with me.Then I'll be called blessed and reflect with deep pauses.And wont bother with Judas, Saint of lost causes.