For Better or Worse...

A friend recently said something very touching to me.  His wife cheated on him years ago.  They have been divorced almost as long as they were married, now.  However, when she was preparing to leave, he said to her, "Stay.  If you stay this will be the worst "or worse" we've been through, but it's what we signed on for."
She chose to leave, anyway.
I chose to stay.  Sometimes, it's so hard.  It has gotten a LOT easier.  Honestly, when I signed on to this site for the first time, I thought things would NEVER get better and that I would be miserable for the rest of my life.  Then, like a dam breaking, all of a sudden, emotions started pouring through me and I started feeling all the GOOD stuff again.  (And yes... the bad stuff, too.) 
There are no guarantees in life.  There are certainly none with marriage.  However, I'm glad I have stayed, even if this has been the worst "or worse" we've had to survive.


znzsmom you can keep moving forward. When you are at peace with your decision, when you no longer question your judgement or feel that you are dishonoring yourself by staying, rebuilding can and will happen. I wish you continued peace and abundant joy!

Thank you. It\'s nice to find some semblance of peace for a little while. I know stuff will come up and we\'ll have more hurdles to jump, but it\'s just nice finding a lull in the storm.