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Jeff Brown, author of "Soulshaping" joins us as we discuss empowerment from abuse & creating a new life. Born in Toronto, Canada, Jeff Brown did all the things he was supposed to do to become successful in the eyes of the world. He was on the Dean’s Honor List as an undergraduate. He won the Law and Medicine prize in law school. He apprenticed with top criminal lawyer Eddie Greenspan. Yet, although it had been his lifelong dream to practice criminal law and search for the truth in the courtroom, an inner voice told him to let go of that path. With great difficulty, he honored this voice and began a quest to shape himself in another direction. As part of his journey, Brown studied Bioenergetics and did session work with co-founder Alexander Lowen. He practiced as a body centered psychotherapist. He completed an MA in Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco and co-founded the Open Heart Gang, a benevolent gang with a heartfelt intention. He developed his student business and became a successful entrepreneur. The most important thing Brown did was the inner work. Honoring the “School of Heart Knocks” (the school of life), he embraced the call to write his memoir Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation, recently published by North Atlantic Books. At its heart is model of embodied spirituality that is both grounded and heartfelt. Brown currently lives in Toronto, where he and the Open Heart Gang are close to finishing a documentary about Bhagavan Das (of Be Here Now fame). The film, titled Karmageddon, includes dialogues with Brown and spiritual teacher Ram Dass, yogis Seane Corn and David Newman, and chanters Wah, Deva Premal and Miten. Additionally, Brown is actively searching for wheels for the Soulshaping bus tour, a spirited adventure across North America with his soul-friends, heaven-bent on inviting more people to raise the flag of 'the little voice that knows' to the rafters of consciousness.


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This sounds so very interesting and a small world.. I grew up in Toronto and Eddie Greenspan is involved in an organization I volunteered for AIDWYC... Assoc. in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted..being in and with the Spirit can heal so very much..xx