The first year we lived in Alabama I went shopping one day and found the stores practically empty.  Even the clerks seemed to be preoccupied if in evidence at all.  I finally located one and asked why I seemed to have to store to myself.  He looked at me in disbelief and said,"Lady, its Alabama vs. Alburn game night."  I have never assimilated into the football rage down here but over the past 25+ years have become accustomed to almost everyone wearing red and grey or orange and blue.  I mean, they have umbrella, key chains, tee shirts, sweats, ball caps, boggins, even underwear with favorite team logos.  These are worn year round according to season, shorts, pants, sweats and even gym shoes wear the team insignia.  We have coffee cups, coolers, and license plates, blankets and most amusing full sized vans painted team colors.  Almost every game is watched and verbally replayed daily for quite a while. Family argue if they root for different teams.  One lady had her entire living room decorated in team colors.  Unfortunately, she was an Alburn fan.  I like football and will watch the game tonight because it is a championship, but I don't understand the dedication of the fans in Alabama. In the meantime, it snowed for several hours today.  This is extremely unusual for this area.  Being a transplant from the north, I thought they were kidding when they sent me home the first Alabama snowfall I experienced.  I had driven in snow for twenty+ years when I lived up north.  Then I got out on the roads and figured it out.  Hardly anyone down here knows how to drive in snow or on ice.  The tires on my car the first year here helped me drive but it still took about 3 hours to make a 45 minute trip.  No snow plows, little salt, men on dump trucks sprinkling sand on the roads, young men spinning out for fun, scared drivers slamming on the brakes for patches of black ice, cars stopping before trying to drive up on a bridge then fish tailing like crazy.   I like snow and ice and will watch the weather from inside my home because I do not wish to do car repairs.   I guess its true, as I sit here watching a football game and looking out at a giganic 2" of snow, now my home is in Alabama.