Food Aversion

I was doing some more research on eating disorders last night. I Googled fear of food and food aversion and finally got a few answers!! A fear of food is called Cibophobia. I have a few of those characteristics. The one that caught my attention was food aversions. I found a letter, from a woman asking for advice, and my jaw dropped open!! She sounded just like me!! I've never found anyone who sounded like me!! The doctors have always told me to force myself to eat the things I don't like or they tell me that it's my choice to be this way! Ya, like I want to starve everyday of my life or deal with more health problems cause of malnutrition and dehydration!! I'm finally on the right path!! I've spent most of my life looking for some kind of answer! Thank God for the Internet!! Now it's time to take it up with my doc!