Follow Up #2

Was in contact with school Psych today. She is sending my forms for authorization to get the ball rolling on the AP 3632. School Resource has already begun the retesting to get a better idea how much progress he has made in two years.   Date for completion she gave me was 4/18/08.  We'll see how it goes at that time.   School Dist Program Specialist, however, has not followed up on anything we spoke about at the IEP nearly 3 weeks ago.  Nice.  When I sent another follow up email she said she would 'look into' these things.  I am most concerned with a potential deadline for the summer school spec ed program.  I have asked her directly for this info and she responded with" i will investigate his eligibility for the program and get back to you in short time in another IEP so as to not discriminate his application." What the hell does that mean?  I havenot responded to her yet, but I intend to. I have also contacted D.R.E.D.F. an agency that provides advocates (who know the spec ed laws etc) to help me thru the red tape that the school dist is inducing. I'm mad today. I'm gonna use this anger as positive energy to get shit done.