Focul Segmentalglomerulo Schlerosis

  In the last and only entry, I advised abot my son with FSGs. I have been trying to figure out/find out the difference between FSGS and PKD. That being said, my son is sometimes irtritable, feels terribly hot and can't sleep at night. He sometime feels nauseous and won't eat anything, has head and stomach aches. After dialysis, he sometimes is very active, too active to be very puzzling, as if he is missing out on something. How do we cope? We do not sleep when he has these flashes and pains, we do not have 'peace' when he is on the role . . . Don't get me wrong, we want him happy and annoying, but these extremes are what makes us sad. We cannot cope. Any ideas: what the problem might be or how to cope with it? Ten