I am shifting my concerns for now for my son, I don't know if I told you about him he is 22 years old and last month had a stroke and brain aneurism, he has a golf ball sized growth on the left side of his brain , which gave him for awhile paralysis on the right side of his body. He wasn’t given more that a 50 percent chance of coming through the operation and 30 percent chance of some sort of brain damage and the other 20 percent were up in the air. 8 ½ hours later we were told that the staff had not given him any chance of living at all. So here we are again with the second operation this next Wednesday with the same chances and what I pray is a full recovery from the brain aneurism. I need to focus on him right now and the marriage will be put in the back of my mind. It really puts life in perspective that even though I might be hurt and feel like crap by the affair but what really matters is that my son pulls through this operation. The only problem I had last time and was I had to deal with my first wife and my current wife in close proximity. This I will deal with again and just focus on my son not them so much.    Jerry xxxxxxx