I’m sick again, so tired of being sick and tired. The Voice of Doom (my doctor) said that I have a virus, chills, fever, and sinus problems. He gave me a prescription for the sinus stuff. I went to work today to try and tough it out because I felt pretty good this morning. Won’t do that tomorrow. I almost collapsed at work, didn’t know if I could even make it home. I did obviously. Slept for about three hours and now I’m feeling some better. Going to have chicken soup for dinner. It is so lonely being sick all by ones self. It’s ironic, when you were here to take care of me I just wanted to be left alone in my misery. Now I would give anything to have you hovering about worrying about me and making me toast and chicken soup. You never know what you’ve got till you lose it.
            Speaking of losses, the phone went dead on Saturday. I called in a ticket, again. They keep calling me to tell me that the line checks out perfect, as usual. Thursday the tech will show up check things out and then call me about an hour later from lower Podunk to tell me he found the problem, really? Same crap every time. All the employees who knew how the system worked have retired so Verizon went out and hired a bunch of people who can’t comprehend all these wires and stuff. Too complicated. They did teach them Verizon’s version of customer service though, Rule #1 Blame the Customer! Rule #2 See Rule #1.If I hadn’t already been through this so many times I might actually be believing them by now. Almost a week to get a tech to fix the phone, what a crime!
            In the meantime I have to carry my cell everywhere in case something happens, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Hopefully I’ll have the presence of mind to explain who I am and where I am so that they can find me. If not then I guess the Verizon tech will have to call it in, if he/she can figure out how.
            That’s all my whining and complaining for today. The weather still sucks. It’s still freezing out there, no end in sight. The new glacial period appears to have begun. Only ~100,000 years to go so, no worries.
Till the snow stops falling and the wind stops falling, Your Ken