Flare up

I am so frustrated right now, I have started new medicine, everything was great for like 2 weeks, I call my doctor to say all is great and as I get off phone, like 5 minutes later my stomach rumbles. I rush to the bathroom to pass my normal loose stools I thought were gone!! Since then I have been back to not feeling good, I have to babysit all day tomorrow and then Saturday we are planning a trip to Zoo to meet our cousins.  I don't have time to have stomach problems, I just wish there was a pill that would cure all, and never have to think of this again. Even a shot! I am that desperate, I just pray this flare disapears, and before you know it I am back to okay again.  I did drink a pop and Mexican taco... I know how dumb I was just asking for it! I just get sooo tired of not being able to eat normal foods with taste!!!