first time alone

 I did it, I survived being all alone for 3 hrs, I had thought i might go through some of Suzette's stuff and get some of her favorite knick-knacks for her hutch, but thought better of it all i need is to have an anxiety attack while alone for the first time. I did some girly primping, watched a little tv, then played a video game, the only one i like.  Another hurddle coming next weekend, seems i just get through one and there's another right around the corner. Our yearly Lake Charles camping trip, the only trip Suzette would go on, memorial day is usually over hubby's b-day and because of that she would go with us for that one. She was not much of an outside girl and didn't like camping, but she would indure this one for her stepdad. The guys go out in the boat for the fishing and her and i hang out. It looks like my sis and family are gonna go with us, so hopefully i won't be sttuck alone against the guys. I really miss having Suzette with me against them-so to speak.  Didn't sleep good last nite and feeling it this am, need to do laundry and clean house, but really want to go back to bed. Thanks again for all the love and support. luv to you all.