First Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving and I am still here, breathing and thinking about Christmas coming!  As my dear husband said so often, "tomorrow comes and it is never as bad as you thought it could be."  Yes, honey you are right again.
My son and his girlfriend did an amazing job of preparing Thanksgiving dinner and decorating their home.  It was a warm, loving day, with plenty of food and conversation. Everyone shared in saying grace; my son began it and gave thanks for the many years he had with my husband (his step-dad) commenting on the total love he had for everyone and his amazing support of him through the years.  I couldn't contain the tears.  My dear grandson got up from his chair, came over to me and cradled my shoulders.  How blessed am I?!
We played a game for a short time which was fun and talked the rest of the time. My step daughter called to see how I was doing during our game, another blessing.  She and her husband are so very supportive of me.
The flood gates opened wide when I returned home to an empty house.  Oh how they opened!  I was totally falling apart.  I decided to call my son in Idaho again (I had already spoken to him earlier in the day),  one of my grand daughters answered with her sweet little voice saying "Hi Grandma"!  Another reminder of my blessings.
Shortly after the call with my son in Idaho ended I received a call from my son's girlfriend (where we had dinner) asking how I was doing.  It truly made me realize (again) how blessed I am that since we really don't know each other very well (as yet) she would take the time to call me realizing the day was difficult for me.
By this time the tears were slowing down and I was beginning to breath calmly.  I made a promise to myself that from this point forward I would begin strengthening my resolve to take care of myself and honor my husband's life with more grace and love in everything I do.  Oh yes, a big part of taking care of myself is getting out to begin meeting new people.  I will start this Monday night at a social event for  an over 50 (boy do I qualify) club that engages in many fun activities together.  Many widows, widowers and couples belong to it.  Monday night's gathering is for folks interested in becoming a member.
I hope everyone got through the day with love and peace in their hearts.



Lindanne, it\'s wonderful that you have such support from your children and grandchildren. I know it warms your heart. I ate with my son\'s in-laws, and appreciated the invitation. Coming back to the empty, quiet house was tough - some days are worse than others. You are making a good move in joining the over 50 group. Anything to get out and about is good. We have such a group at our (small) church. I am planning to go to Memphis with them in Dec. to the Bellevue Bapt. Church Christmas musical program. This is a church with thousands of members and they always have a wonderful presentation at Christmas. We live around 200 mi. from Memphis, so will spend a nite there, and tour Graceland the next day. I was there years ago when it was first opened to the public. We will have a nice time together -- most who go are widows. Take care - Doye

That sounds wonderful Doye. My husband and I visited Graceland 3 years ago. It is an amazing place. Christmas music is so awakening. Enjoy your time.

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this just made my day. i am so pleased to know how much love surrounds you.
have a wonderful time at your club. meeting new people and making new friends is always a good thing.
have a wonderful weekend,