First time

It was early in the morning when I went to work, on the way to my job, Alonso made me laugh and the silliness of the joke stay with me trough my working hours.  Or maybe it was that I was working by myself and did not felt pressure, and consequently worked better and achive more.
Since Alonso had a gig in the city and me and David-his son-couldn't  go with him,David and I went to see Harry Potter. We went to the movie theater on bikes and I have to say we had a good time. And then coming back we rode our bikes again.  While we were riding, a group of 3 teenagers cut us on in the middle of a curve,  David was riding before me, so he told the kids to let him pass and then he told them, "hey make room for my mom too".
So I asked him hey dude did you just call me mom?  And he said" yes", I asked him are you" ok calling me that?"  He said," why not?" " Stepmom just sounds weird", and he just smiled at me.
I love this kid!