First specialist visit

I went to the specialist Monday...I found out that I have something called IC which affects the bladder and now that I have been reading up on it and saw pics of it seems to me it is alot like Endo. I am now on a very strict diet, I have to under go more tests to see what needs to be done. There is no cure only treatments like with endo. but I can and I will get through all this, it is going to be tough but I have made it this far, right? I also have Pelvic floor dysfunction, the list just keeps growing, but at least now I am with a specialist who knows what to look for. So I am going to just take it one day at a time. Not much else I can do.



Hey Girl :) I am so happy that you seem to be on the road to getting some relief from your pain.

Remember you are not alone on that road. I\'m always an instant message or text away :)

Hugs to ya!