First entry!

Well... I had my surgery on March 19th and my experience has been awesome. I work in the hospital where I had my procedure and knew the surgical team well. I had seen many great results coming from my surgeon and I went in with no fear. Apparently the procedure lasted four hours but I came out with beautiful incisions that are healing wonderfully. In the hospital I was up and walking quickly, and out in two nights. With the help of my pain meds my first days at home were smooth sailing, and it was an easy transition off of the medications. Even now a week and a half out I'd never know I even had anything done if it weren't for the excitement I feel in the mornings about jumping on the scale and gawking at how every time I check my weight it's less and less! I'm down more than 20 pounds and I know it won't always come off this quickly but for now it's really exciting! I've broken the boundary of the weight I've been at for the past several years.
It's really silly but one of my favorite things is my Nintendo Wii Fit. When I first bought my balance board I would hop on and it would tell me "Weight Limit Exceeded!" and reset the game. So I'd put baby blankets under the bottom to buffer it and the sensor thought I weighed less. I always told my boyfriend it was so the board didn't scuff our wood flooring It was a really embarrasing thing that brought me much shame. Now I can hop on it with shoes on and any kind of clothes without wondering if it's going to give me an error message when I get on. Now I can fire up the Wii Fit with my boyriend in the room becuase I'm not hiding some big dirty "weight limit exceeded" secret. It's such a small victory but it means the WORLD to me!!
Anyway here I am just starting a journey that I feel in my heart was the best decision I've ever made for myself. I am so looking forward to unwrapping my new body! Woooo hoooo!!!