Finished my goal!! I don't know what got into me.........

I... don't even know what to say. I just got back from Vegas last night (my girlfriends from college and I threw my other girlfriend a surprise bachelorette party), and went to bed fairly late, but not too late. I woke up at around 7am today and just put on my VFFs and started running!
I think I subconsciously wanted to beat the heat, because it has been sweltering in California lately. But when I first got out there, I was thinking I would do only 6 miles, just to see. Admittedly, I hadn't run since my last update, and that was four miles!
I did laps around the neighborhood green. Each lap is half a mile. I was thinking I would do 12, but after 6 laps, I got so bored. So I did a street route that I knew was an additional 3 miles. But then, I think near mile 6, I experienced the coveted Runner's High and my body just felt so good!!
So, when I got back to the neighborhood green, I did ANOTHER two laps, making my total distance 7 miles!! The longest I had ever run in my VFFs! Plus, I felt like I could have kept going! But, I also need to get to work... :)
So I can say goal completed now, a whole 3 days early! :)
In other news, it was so fun seeing my girlfriends in Vegas. We all graduated years ago, and three of the five of us are married now. Three of us are in California, one in Georgia, and one in Virginia. We all don't get to see each other very often, and it had been over a year and a half since the five of us were together. We're all so very different but we all love each other so much-- even when time and distance and husbands seem to draw us further away from each other. One of my favorite quotes from the weekend: "I love us!"



Good for you Jessica! Your morning seven mile run sounded like a good one.
Maybe being reunited with your girlfriends from college helped lift your spirits and gave you positive momentum
Sounded like a fun weekend together. ..:o)

7 MILES!!! Amazing!! I am so excited for you! I love how you described feeling like if you switched up the route you could mentally see yourself going farther. I am the same way, I think ugh ten miles is a long effing way when I am on mile one but 6 miles I am feeling like heck yes I can do this! It is all about breaking down the mental barriers that hold us back physically. You are doing a great job! Congrats on 100%! And a fun Vegas trip! So happy for you!