Finish What You Start

Today was a pretty good day for me I got some things done layed out and joined a new group that will bring me closer to God. I try soo hard to keep involved with church and such things, but like everything else in my life I never finish what I start and then God find's a way to speak to me and he give's me another chance, what a good God. I would hate to think what life would be w/out him.On another note Iv'e been shaking more latley I wonder could this be the heat I'll def. keep an eye on it!
It's six thirty now and my mood has changed I started feeling sad about an hour ago so I wanted to note this in my journal so I can keep up with my mood changes Oh shit here we go agin!



I find it so crazy when I have mood swings - literally - one hour feeling super great and then down as heck several hours later. Like a literal wave of emotion for no particular reason. Totally feels chemical -some sort of imbalance in my body. I hate it.