Finish what I didn't do yesterday

Well, here goes another busy day! Got the shed cleaned and organized yesterday and cleaned both of my vehicles but not as detailed as I wanted. I added the shed to my list so, it threw me behind on my plans but, I've got nothing but time. My elderly neighbor, Jackie saw me cleaning my vehicles and now she wants hers done. It's a fairly new Toyota but due to her health, she has never driven it! Her kids or grandkids only use it to take her to the doctor, etc. I cleaned her older Olsmobile before and I can't believe how messy it was. I guess they don't care, since it's not theirs. She wants to pay me way more than I would normally expect for the condition of the car. Even though I'm not working, I would have done it for free for her. She is one of my only sources of human contact. Her family always tells me how much they appreciate me taking time with her but, I am not doing it to get money out of her. I have never have, and  never will use someone like that. It 's just my nature to be kind and unto others, although that saying has backfired on me many, many times! MY parents seem to have taught me well, huh? I am so afraid of what may happen down the road to her. I have noticed her mind is slipping considerably lately. I don't know how her family will handle this if/when she gets worse but, she has repeatedly told me she doesn't want to go to a nursing home. I hope they abide by her wishes. I also didn't get my Halloween decorations up because I decided to cook dinner so, that's once again on the list for today. The only thing that will deter my plans is a call for a job interview. I'm also going to put the "treat bags" together for the kids one day soon. This has become a tradition for Jackie and I. I go out and get the candy, novelties, bags, etc. and make up approximately 100 bags for her and I. The animals have already been fed and are "taking one of their many daily naps". I'll check on a few jobsites, maybe feed myself, and head outside. Still contemplating tomorrow night and as of now, I am still planning on trying to have a good time...I just hope my brother doesn't ruin it for everyone! Either way, I feel I more or less that I have to go because the alternative is to stay at home lonely and bored. Who knows, maybe I'm worrying needlessly. I can only go by what has happened in the past...that doesn't make me feel good about it. I'll ask God to "duct tape" my brothers' mouth so we can all have a good time! He has destroyed so many good times we have had in the past. He hardly even checks in with me unless he's drunk. If I didn't know him so well, I'd swear he doesn't care about anything. Every time I talk to him, it's always about him anyway...nobody else's problems matter in his book. I love him but, I hate his ways. I always say if he wasn't my brother, he would not be on my "friend" list. He has so many material things yet he is such a miserable person. He can be so funny and humorous, like my Dad  but that is one of the only good qualities they had in common. Okay journal, time to get busy! I'll check in later.