Fingers Crossed.

Crumbs i haven't wrote in here for ages.I'm doing ok,I still miss my Dad every day and think of him often.I've applied for a job as a catering assistant at the hospice where Dad passed away.When Dad was in there i spent every day having dinner with him,Even through it is a sad place in one way the team of staff do their best to make it a happy and positive place.I can remember saying to Dad one day i would like to work here,not so much as a carer(don't think i could cope) but in the back ground.So when this job came up i was so excited.The hours are so much better to i get evenings off and weekends.Well i have an interview next Tuesday YAY!!!          So please Ladies could you keep your fingers crossed for me.I'm sure Dad would be so proud of me,he knows how hard it is for me to move on to something new as i do lack confidence. Thanks Ladies lots of love to you all xxx     Dad,I know you'll be behind me all the way,i love you soooo much.Miss you Sue xxxxxx