Finally had a great day!

Woke up full of energy and tore through housework like gangbusters. Vacuumed, cleaned bird cages, scrubbed bathrooms, ran laundry, even ran the vacuum on the back porch and quickly in the car. The only inkling of pain was a strange sharp pain that shot through my left elbow very quickly. Beyond that, I felt positively healthy. I've been taking 5 mg prednisone, down from the 7.5 and so far, so good. My weight has stayed steady at around 103, but that includes overindulging in trail mix and coffee creamer. I'm going to start eating healthy again and see if my weight starts dropping off again. If it goes down to 100 lbs, I'll probably ask the rheumy about getting more detailed thyroid bloodwork run. Suzanne said that mom had a super fast metabolism right before they had to remove hers. If I had more days like today, I wouldn't be so scared. I do hate my body though--my ass is nothing but a flat void with loose skin hanging down--deflated balloons and my boobs aren't any better. But if I can feel reasonably healthy, have decent energy and little to no pain, then MCTD isn't such a big deal.