Femara - Day 6

So I am incredibly nervous about taking Femara.  I got my prescription yesterday and I was reading the warning label on the bottle is "do not take if you are trying to get pregnant".  Gosh that is fun, the medicine that is supposed to help me get PG is one that I am not supposed to take while TTC. 
I feel very lucky that I have insurance under my mom for this year.  Femara's cost was about $180 without insurance, would have been $130 with just my current incurance.  But with my mom's insurance it cost $15.
The nurse that I talked to on my monday appointment suggested that if Femara does not work for me then I should try IVF because the success rate would be close to 60% compared to shots and IUI being 15-20%. So next I might be doing IVF, I am not good at spending money and I get Buyer's remorse for almost everything that I buy so the idea of draining my savings to pay for IVF is very daunting. By the time I get PG I am not going to have any money left to pay for hospital bills or buy baby furniture...