Feeling sad lately.

I've been feeling very sad lately.  I think it is because of the time of year.  During the summer months, we would be outside more...working in the yard, riding our motorcycles, grilling and just enjoying being outside.  I've been working alot, which helps, but really feel my honey's absence when off from work.  Seems like everyone has someone.  Sometimes I feel like the "fifth wheel".
Father's Day just passed.  I felt really sad that day, not just for myself but for my 2 son's.  It must has been a painful, sad for them to not have their Dad to celebrate with.
Today, was my granddaughter's birthday.  She had a "kids party" yesterday.  Today, family got together for her actual birthday.  We had a fun day, but I really felt the loss of "grandpa".  She loved him very much and I'm sure misses him alot.
I'm sure this is just a "valley" and I will feel more upbeat in time.



You know, I noticed that with every season change I was down for a while...............better this second time around but it still affects me............holidays are especially hard..........hope your tomorrow is better.