Feeling off

Another day feeling crap.I watched a good movie on TV last night & then had a good sleep for me but still woke up feeling awful. I slept again for most of the day. I was up early wrapping Janis & Sally's presents. Better late than never. Anyway Janis could'nt make it so I will have to get to them another time.
I did some washing & it has dried. It turned out to be a hot day. I took Christopher to the shops & got something for dinner. I decided to make a risotto & then found the rice I had was basmati not aborrio. So down the road to the local shop to buy some & a resident from the village was there & wanted to talk.
Anyway the risotto is finally cooking. It is one you make in the oven so hope it turns out ok.
Today is my first official day of holiday. I am so glad as I feel so crap. Maybe if I had to go to work I would feel better. Mind over matter.I just feel like I have flu. The feeling makes me hold my breath & then let out a gasp. Not a good sound when you are at the shops.
Ed is'nt home yet from work which is ok as the risotto is'nt ready yet. I think there is something wrong with the oven temp as things seem to take longer than they should. Lack of use perhaps??
Time to feed Poppy. Poor thing needs a walk. Maybe later.



I have never had luck making risotto. That\'s one of those yummy comfort foods. I love foods that make your mouth and teeth happy.
With Sjogrens it\'s so hard to tell if the body is fighting something like the flu. The symptoms of a flare feel so similar to me. What ever it is I hope you can kick it quick so you can enjoy your break!