Feeling like crap

Hi everyone,  well Happy New Year to everyone and their families. 
As you can guess I'm still here,  yay,  however at the moment I feel like crap. I have had a lump appear on my head and a, so a pain in my right knee to match the one in my left knee,  had a full skeletal scan on 23rd December 2015 to be told on Tuesday q2fh Jan 2016 that it was the myeloma. Not to pic I said to myself,  my Doc has booked me in for radio therapy to zap both my head & knee, also I'm having a bone marrow biopsy (lumber punch)  on Wednesday 20th Jan) to see how the myeloma is. As for medication,  i have been on Revlimid (lenalidomide) 25mg for around 2 1/2 years but because of this latest flair up I am adding Cyclophosphamide to it for 4 weeks. I've had extensive xrays on both knees to see the extent of the lesions the myeloma has caused just in case they need to sort them by operating before they break and splinter which is not what they want as picking out splinters of bone is harder than taking out a lump p of bone. 
Well that's it for now,  I will return again when I have more information on what is going to be happening,  so until then God bless everyone