Feeling Hurt and Betrayed

Saturday, June 27, 2009 - 9:50 AM Nothing seems to be going quite right this week. It has been difficult for me to sleep at night, and when this happens, it seems to throw the whole following day out of whack.   This morning was a continuation of the whole lousy week. One of my CNA's who I trust the most, informed me that she was going to quit working with me one hour in the mornings and one hour at night on the weekends. I was not even out of bed yet when I got this news.   The unexpected news was upsetting, and made me somewhat angry. This person had quit last spring for four months, and then asked me to take her back when things did not go right for her after moving to another city and state. Because I liked, and trusted, her I said that she could work for me again.   I have tried overlooking the fact that on several mornings and nights she has failed to show up without letting me know in advance that she would not be here. Fortunately, I have always had a second person working for me at the same time.   Maybe I was wrong thinking she was a responsible person. If so, part of the blame, if any, rests with me. I think it goes far deeper than that. I do not think she has reached the age, or maturity, of a person who knows the true meaning of loyalty.   As long as I am with the home healthcare agency, I will always be able to get a replacement for someone who quits. I guess the bottom line is that I now feel as though I have lost a sense of safety and security.   It is not the first time I have gone through something like this. It has happened before, and I am sure it will happen again. Sooner or later, a person gets tired of helping someone else only to be betrayed by that person.



Foundations are the backbone of any relationship and to be let down like this is disgraceful. You deserve better. I hope it all works out for you in the end

So sorry the stuff keeps coming at you.......

Hugs and Mojo

JiM You Know people aren\'t like they were years ago. People only care about THEMSELVES and their little WORLDS. You can bet the person who quit has no sense or even a fleeting thought that you\'re dependent on her. All she cares about is working certain hours. People were not like that 10 or 20 years ago. People cared about more then just themselves then. How the world has changed and not for the good. Many hugs-Stephanie

That cool gal of yours really is pretty cool.
She is right on target.

You are a very independent man.
It must be excruciatingly difficult to have depend on others for your well being.
I always assumed people that worked for health care agencies, are in the medical profession...or even the utility companies....would all use a high standard on which to base their behaviors and choices.
T\'ain\'t always so.
You do deserve better, you do.
Remember, people can only rise to their own best level.
Try not to think of it as being betrayed.
It is more of a sign of the range of an individuals personal developement and personal growth.
Don\'t forget to factor in age.
I was not the same person when I was in my twenties or thirties, as I am now.
It takes some of us longer to \" blossom into a higher state of integrity\" in a relationship.
Here is a positive note.
When I was 20 and somewhat of a schmuck, it was impossible for me not to notice more evolved individuals that lived their life with a higher level of expertise than I could imagine.
The more exposure I had to these people, the more the cumulative effect had on me.
It upsets you, of course.
But, you are a teacher in this situation, Jim.
You are planting visual seeds in the minds of these people.

Keep helping those people that need a strong positive influence.

Let\'s hope that July is sweet stuff for you and for me.

This young \"lady\" does not seem to know exactly what she wants to do. I asked her if she had told the home health care agency that she wanted to quit working with me on the weekends, and she said no because \"That\'s just my plan.\" It strikes me as somewhat odd that she would bother me with a plan, when she is not even sure that she is going to carry through with it. I mean, why worry me with just a plan?

There is an old saying that, What goes around, comes around. Well, something sure came around for her quite fast. She had planned on moving into a new apartment yesterday, but when she went to the apartment, she quickly saw that nothing was ready for her. The walls had been repainted, and the painting job was bad. She also said the whole apartment smelled like cats and dogs. That\'s too bad - not!

If I really wanted to seek revenge upon her, which I do not, I could tell the new home health care agency that she is going to work with about something in her past, which would probably end all prospects of a job there. She has a felony conviction for something that happened when she was a teenager. That, alone, would have stopped her for working with me had I not been willing to overlook it.

For the most part, I do not think that I am still angry with her. I do not really want to have anyone working with me who does not have their heart into it. This person is still going to be working with me one hour in the mornings and at night on the weekdays, but I will not be surprised if she comes to me within the next six months saying that she is going to quit. I am already prepared for that eventuality.