feeling hopeless and tired

Today I am tired.  I am angry too.  My husband and I had conflict.  I am sure it is affecting my health.  So I am down because of my problems with him.  Then I am uncomfortable all night.  I had to pee 5 times last night.  I felt like I did not sleep.  My body is tight and I am so slow.  I was feeling hopeless this a.m..  I got so discourage.  Every where I look I see people moving.  I want to move.  I want to ice skate, run, go grocery shopping and have the energy to carry them in, I want to Christmas shop too.  It took me 3 hours to get three tasks done the other day that used to take 1/2 that time.  My husband just stand there with his hands in his pocket when I am afraid and hurting.  I am crying and he has no idea what to do.  He just looks like it is an inconvenience to him that I feel crappy.  Like there goes his day.  How could he not think to hug me, pray for me, reassure me?  I just get so mad.  I feel alone some days.  I feel like it is all too hard today.