feeling down

Just can't seem to shake it.  Ever since we did our presentation ~ I've been feeling depressed.  We have another program coming up this Thursday and I have no desire to work on it or even present it.  
That said ~ I don't think my depressed state is a direct result of it.  Not sure really where it's coming from but I am trying to think positive.  
The only time, in my adult married life, I couldn't shake "the blues" was when my son's were going through their trials ~ but that was a few years ago.  Even my middle son's latest scary episode this past summer didn't make me feel the way I'm feeling now.
In fact, I thought the soccer game with the gorgeous weather would have jump started me to get me back on track but ~ no.  
Hope this passes soon because I am normally a positive person with a lot of enthusiasm.  Maybe writing this out will help.  



Accepting a state of being is the only peaceful thing to do sometimes. But I do know from experience that even getting to that place of accepting that you feel blue can be difficult.
Sometimes it can come from a series of stresses over time. Then, the \'straw that broke the camel\'s back\' happens, and whammo, this time it takes a while to get up.
Sometimes, time and prayer will work their magic without you knowing it.
I hope you are gentle on yourself, soccer games notwithstanding! And maybe zone out for a while, at the TV or in a book, or something that can get your mind off itself.
I do hope it is not self-judgment that is the culprit, as you don\'t deserve that kind of punishment.
You are stronger than this, from what I have seen; sometimes it just takes longer, as I said, to pick yourself up after a perceived setback.
I will pray for self-compassion for you, and hope your tomorrow is a good day, and if not, maybe the next will be............