Feeling blue today.

     Feeling a little blue and sad today. I left a group here the other day that I have been spending lots of time on. I thought I was adding things to the group. I left because there seemd to me to be lots of bashing and name calling. I was having lots of fun on the group discussing and debating politics and things related. I thought I was adding some good comments and interesting thoughts and subjects. I guess maybe I thought that if I announced that I was leaving and why, maybe some of the bashing and name calling would stop. I guess I also thought maybe just one person would ask me to stay. Well not such thing. Not one person asked me to stay. They even deleted my thread about leaving and why. I guess I was not adding anything constuctive to the group after all. I know that I will get over this but it is just disappointing knowing that apparently no one there really cared if I stayed or not. Maybe that is for the best. The people here that really act as my friends that check on me from time to time and read my journal and really act like true friends are not anyone that I came to know from this group anyhow. There are a couple that I just recently became friends with. I hope I am not forgetting anyone though. I would not want them to think that I don't appreciate them.       Duke is doing better. He got his stitches out yesterday. The Vet said he looked really good and his weight is even down a little closer to where it should be.      I guess that is about all I have to say right now. Need to go and just ride out the bad feeling I am haveing and get over it.       Hope all my friends here are having a great day and as pain free as it can be.