Feeling blah

Hi gang,

I'm feeling kind of blah.  Not as bad as the past few days.   My housemate and I are planning a dinner for tomorrow night.  It's Chanukah, first night.    And then of course Sun is Xmas.  I don't really celebrate Xmas but I try to get into the spirit.   

I am feeling lonely and lost.  Not sure what to do with my life.   I feel very trapped and sometimes frustrated and scared.   I want to try to make the following year better for myself.   

I hope you all have a great holiday however you celebrate it. 



Hi Linda, i hope you all had a peaceful, holiday weekend :) You all are in our thoughts, and wishing you all a healthy, and happy new year, 2017 :)
You'll always have our support, and prayers :) We care deeply :)
i hope you all enjoyed the nice meals, and gearing up for a brand new fresh start, 2017 :) We love when a new year arrives :)
Thank you for writing, and thank you again for the special gift :)
i'll be getting some more treats at dunkin donuts :)
keep strong, and always remember, your family of DS friends, always here when you need us :)
sending our love, healing energy,and our most warmest friendship hugs, from CT :) Take care, have a peaceful week :)