Feeling sad

I'm feeling so sad today. My husband had to go to his cousins (the same who is 21wks and I only found out last week about) to help them cut down a tree. It just makes me so sad that he will have to face that alone. I just didn't have the inner strength to go with him, I just couldn't face it.
My transfer is in four days. I am so scared, I just have this horrible feeling it wont work... My mother bought me a pair of baby socks the other day because she is so sure this is it for us, but I just can't be that hopeful. Even if I did get pregnant, I don't think I could ever really relax. After you loose a baby, it all kind of looses its innocence, you know that getting pregnant is only the very first milestone and that there are many, many roadblocks along the way.
I wish I could have some assurances, I wish I could predict the future... I want to have a baby so badly it is killing me and I am so scared it may never happen.



Try to stay as positive as you can!!! I will be praying for you!!!