Feelin\' good today

I didn't get enough hours of sleep last night, stayed up way too late, but slept well and woke refreshed.  Since yesterday I fantisized about re-visiting Rome, I dug out a picture from the last time I was there in 76, and then changed my avatar to David. Yes I know, he's in Florence, not Rome, but its just down the road, I could take a bus.  But I feel strong and shiny today, and big, like him. I do feel so good. Perhaps it was church last night, it was so inspiring. Perhaps I'm just so proud of my nephew Zack, he reported to boot camp yesterday at Great Lakes, perhaps its my new friend Tim and his wife Mary, they were in jail 2 weeks ago, yet they have both come forward, worked with us at the Trinity Women and Chhildren Crisis clinic, started attending church, have been saved, all in the last week, perhaps my newest bestest friends bolstering me and helping me stay grounded and focused, yes all of these factors. But I truly feel Blessed, that God has taken an active part in my life, that He so wants me to do His work, and I feel it strongly.  I can't wait to get the Mended Hearts chapter open here in Jacksonville, (I'll have to do a journal entry on that one day soon) but I'm not waiting, I'll be at the local hospital at least once a week to help my brothers and sisters recover from their surgeries.   OH yeah, I have to go sign the divorce papers today to serve the stbx, almost forgot.  With so much going on, I just don't have the time or inclination to get down in the muck and mire part of my life, she can live there alone, I ain't playing there no more.