hi all. dont have alot of time but i wanted to share some thoughts not that anyone cares or reads my journals anyway but i am going to say this anyway.
to many times people get on here and journal their thoughts and feelings just to get critisized for whinning, complaining, being negative, or venting. why do you think people come to ds. not for the fun of it. most likely it is because they are hurting and searching for answers and think they just may find it here. what people say here are their feelings and who has the right to tell them that their feelings are wrong.
people heal be journaling and venting and reading others journals and things but then get cut down for that and are wounded far more than when they came here.
i know in the past when i was at my very low i journaled and was told i was negative and always down and even lost friends. that hurt alot and there are times i wonder why i still come on here. i just read a journal from a friend who is really hurting and it caused me to weep. she was not being negative just scared and needed to vent. her journal helped me and no doubt others.
i guess what i am saying is please be more a listener and less critical. we dont have to understand everything someone is going through but just be there with a kind encouraging word. and pain and suffering and struggles have their own time frame. what you think should be said and vented and then fixed may take more time for others. so when you think someone is only journaling negatively refrain that to they are really hurting and just is taking longer for them and maybe they just need more support.
we all dont have friends family or other supports. some come to ds and that is all they really have or trust so when they dont get it here they just give up. do we really want to be responsible for that.
ok i guess i have said what i needed to. all i ask is that you all think about it. thanks and have a great weekend. i will be praying for all you who are hurting and praising the Lord for all the blessings he has given others. i do care about all of you on ds and glad i found it and got on but i feel it useto be more supported and encouraging. some days i feel alone and no where to go.
thanks for listening. God bless you all.