Fear of you

The tears well up inside
As I cringe in fear
You are only a few inches taller
But much bigger
And I dought you know
Know the fear you cause
But it hurts
It hurts so much
I'd rather you get rid of the problem
Rather than make it worse
And sure I deserve this
But others don't see it that way
And I don't want to get you in trouble.



Whatever/whoever is hurting you, I pray that it/they stop. I hope you are doing better than this poem seems to relay. Truly, your friend, Barb

Hi, we don\'t know each other - I\'m part of the For Moms Only bereavement community - but if you need a friend - I\'m here - my youngest is still at home - he\'s 19. I can relate pretty well to any ages because I started my family when I was 18. ((Hugs))

Thank- you so much the both of you.

And barb I feel a little better. I think getting how I felt out on paper helped.

Always here for you Stephanie, you don\'t have to be a victim. Choose not to be a victim, but a survivor. We are all here for you, Danette