I was doing fine. Going to the gym eating good. Everything was going fine . Then three weeks ago it went all down hill . Started getting burning in my arms & chest then had really bad trouble sleeping at night . Started getting really bad pain in my left brest under it. Felt like I was having a heart attack all the time. I could not take it any more so went to my doctor I got really bad Anxiety & GERD. Now I am on meds to get me throw the day, it seems like if I don't take the meds I can't even get throw the day, I hate this & wish I could go back to the way I used to be, I lost 66 pounds & after I lost weight I went down hill, I thought when u lost weight u would get healthyer. When I was chubbyer did not have any of these problems I just don't get it . I just want to be better & have my life back