Fathers day!!!!!! yippee!!!

so I am the father...I had to buy my own food for Fathersday and invite my kids....I say STEAK!!! and they say what time. My W worked some overtime and didn't show up till I already had things going...I cooked my own meal also. Oh well I am the cook in the family :) so my daughter comes over all red and sunburned...ouch. She is a little tired and I told her to lay in the couch and relax. We run out of soda and stuff...I thought my W would bring them..She said she forgot. SO I get to go out( I had a wierd feeling about this for some reason) I came back and saw my Son getting out of his car pissed off and he says (my w isn't his mother) if she does that again I am gonna ripp into her...I say what is going on? It appears my daughter passed out and my W kept her laying down on the floor. My son works for st.anthonys a hospital in St.Louis and he has the experiance to treat her. BUT my W tells him I see this all of the time...wtf??? she is not seeing this all of the time ( she works in a grocery store) so I get my daughter on the couch sitting up right and start pushing fluids..I sit her up so she dosen't asperate and she looks pale but says she feels better (if she didn't feel better I would have gotten her to the hospital). I get about 3 quarts of gatorade in her and tell her to stay the night and keep forcing fluids. Her pulse and everything were getting back to normal. I then asked my W to come with me and we needed to talk. I told her I appreciated her attention but the my son was pissed and to back off. My daughter went to the dr's the next day to get a note to go back to work and she is ok. HAPPY fathers day...I am very gald that my daughter came over because if she hadn't and passed out in her appartment by herself with out anyone there she might have been in alot of trouble. I do believe that things happen for a reason..I could have done with out the drama between my W and son though..oh well :) Live and learn..