Family Tree

My aunt had done alot of work in researching our family tree.  Sadly, I can only find bits & pieces of her work, marked as "Favorite" sites on her computer.  Anything in email (which is probably the majority) and hardcopy is gone.
Which makes me realize that now that the generation above me is beginning to die off, it's important to document what I do know & make it available to my kids & extended family.
In 1980 (after reading Roots, of course!), I started documenting my family tree & asked lots of questions of my parents & grandparents.  I got alot of information!
Of course, there's been quite a few changes since then & that needs to be added.  So I decided to document it electronically & I found a website ( that I can do that for free (for up to 250 people--I'm already up to 90; after that, you have to buy premium, but that's only $5/month, compared to $14/month for which does NOT have a free option).
So I'm kind of excited about this.  My son saw me working on it last night & stated that it was a good thing that I was doing that, since as time goes by, the data gets forgotten.  He thought it was interesting. 
I've gotten almost everyone I know about in, so that'll be the basic framework.  I'll invite my sisters & maybe my cousins to join to add anything additional they may know/find out.  And I can start filling in some blanks thru research.  Another good, free website I found was  That can help.