Family in the house!

My oldest son and his wife and daughter are visiting before my son goes to Irac. It is so good to see them! It's been a year since I last saw them! But it leaves very little time to rest and clean house. As much as I love them, I will be glad to wait another year before they come again! My grandaughter is a super hyper and smart 5 year old! And on the night they arrived that was the last quiet and orderly day! I feel like I'm babysitting the whole time they are here! the second day they were here they have been on their laptops playing a game with others online! Not taking much notice of their child or me! My grandaughter comes to me for everything she needs instead of her parents. I assume that's because I take care of her needs right away instead of saying wait a minute and take 20 minutes to actually to do it!  And they are wanting a 2nd child!  I got so tired of intertaining my grandchild I had to hide in my room and ignore her knocking on my door! I felt guilty but I refused to be taken advantagede of! These so called parents are over 25yrs and still don't get it! And they are trying to get pregnant again!  I ask myself why anyone would add to the work they don't want in the first place! When I finally got my son by himself I tried to tell him if his wife finds it too much with one they should really think hard about a second child! And he knows they are having difficulties already with his wife's screaming at the child when she looses her temper! The bad behavior is the result of mommy letting her do whatever she wants until it affects her space and time for what she wants! My daughter inlaw is a nice person, but not a very good mother. You could say it's her mother's fault cause that's kind of the same way she is! And if my son can't stop it in the next few years his step-daughter is going to be the same type of person! And she is so smart she knows how to play her mother , but not her daddy! I can only hope that while he is gone she wont get worse!  Any of you who have children know after just a summer break how hard it can be to get your kids back on track for the next school year!  I always got mine back on track with the next school year by getting them to go back to school hours a week or two before their first day! Made things that much easier for all of us! But I wanted to be a mom from the first pregnancy! I was one of 7 kids and babysat alot beforehand! I thought about what I was getting into! My only down fall was the man I married to have them with! I thank God for sending me my second husband when the first ran off! He made a great father to my children! And I let him know it often how thankful I am for it!  May you all have a happy,safe and painless day! : )