Fall Weather is here in the Northwest

Well, I can feel the changing of the seasons here, from summer to fall. Accually, I felt it a few days before the rain, wind and lower temp. began. Guess it's true that you can feel the difference in the pain and know when the weather is going to change. Yesterday the temp slowly lowered, today it is in the low 60's and raining. My aching bones let me know all about the coming change.  I am better than I have been however, which is a good thing. I am able to get out of bed and get moving and I feel blessed each and every day I can do that. I keep reminding myself that it's not what I can't do that's important but what I can do that is the true blessing. After all it could be a whole lot worse, I'm grateful that it's not. Even my husband comments that I am mentally doing much better, and can now get moving even when the pain is high. A year ago I couldn't do that, so I've come a long way even if rsd is a progressive dysfucntion that is moving to encompass more and more of my body. The part that disturbs me the most is the loss of mental function. I have trouble forming sentencing or writing clearly now days, and I know it. I often wonder if mentally handicapped persons know they are mentally handicapped and attempt to work with it to make it as good as it can be, like I do? Or are they unaware of the differences in how their brains function compared to most others? Perhaps it depends on if they were born that way or have it happen as a result of injury or illness? Oh, sorry rambling on there, anyway I also have gotten worse in my short term memory and have to rely on a lot of sticky notes, lists, etc to help me keep straight what needs to be done each day. I now have a long list of items waiting to be accomplished on the refrigerator so that I can remember them. I left lots of room, and add things when they pop up in my brain, if possible. however, it's not uncommon for me to forget before I make it to the list to write it down. I know I have forgotten something, but remembering what is usually impossible for that moment, but later it will pop back up! Emotions have been rough since my feet started hurting, and I have had to work hard to stabilize them. I quit taking the Lexapro when I realized it was making me more depressed and mentally foggy. I don't need help to go there, I need help to stay away from those areas! It does appear that I can't tolerate the anti depressants and anti convulsants in my system, which is sad. I know Neurontin helped greatly for the burning and sensitivity to touch, too bad the whole body side effects where so bad. I do not need more help with falling apart, I am doing that fast enough on my own, so their out of the picture. I also am now very worried about what the medication in a nerve block would do, and have definitely decided not to go there. It appears my body does not tolerate medication well, and it's not like you can stop taking the medicine when they inject it into you! Anyway, doing better today mentally, physically at about an 8 which seems to be as good as it get nowdays. Today I am helping my daughter on signs for school, she has decided to run for Student Council as a 6th grade rep.  I am wishing her luck, and helping her as much as I am able. Take care all, and may the pain be gentle today