FAITH not FEAR Need your help darlings!

I admit, I gave my FEAR 5 minutes today… (maybe 10)…  I’m now once again focusing on FAITH!!!  I need you all to send positive energy into this with me!   My co-pay for my MS medicine Copaxone is $359.15/month which has been submitted for payment to the Chronic Disease Fund for coverage.  Although it is tentatively approved, they have not yet released the funds (if I understand the hold-up correctly—I also understand that I am not alone and other patients are sharing my boat).    First and foremost, please send the positive energy into this to get these wheels turning and resolve this for all of us.  I know we can do this together!  You all know (at least I think you do) that I’m very happy with the medicine and believe it has really been helping (hurt knee notwithstanding—but even that feels better…).   Second, after today, I have 5 shots left which takes me through Sunday.  Monday is Martin Luther King Day, so having the funds by Friday would be the ideal as then my pharmacy can Saturday deliver by FedEx the meds to me, and I’d have no lapse in my injections.  (Heck, better yet, earlier approval means I’d have the meds before I need them… That would be great!   Now, I’m not going to stress over this…  The Universe ALWAYS comes through for me, and I think a great deal of that can be attributed to my DARLING FRIENDS!  This is where you all enter the equation…   I would like to thank you in advance for sending us all the positive resolution energy you can send the Universe so we get our meds…  Let’s make this happen through POSITIVE THINKING… I know I’m in a better place now that I realized how & what I have to think, and I’m not in this all alone… I have all my wonderful friends to join me in sending the positive vibes!  LET’S SOLVE THIS FOR EVERYONE WAITING FOR THESE FUNDS!