extremely tired

Hi it Becky
I had a very stressful week last week but tried to remain calm for everyone's else.  This week all I want to do is sleep but I can't.  When I lay downmy body tenses up and thenrelaxes and then tenses up again  I am going for a sleep study tomorrow night to figure out why my muscles twitch at night.  I also have a cold which doesnot help.  I am tired of not feeling good.  I don't know what is anxiety, perimenopause, family issues life issues and so on on on.....Does anyone else have trouble sleeping?
I am so tired I do not know which end is up.  My body twitches at night and my muscles tense up and then relax and repeat.  I am going for a sleep study tomorrow night  hopefully to figure it out.  I feel blah.  Is it anxiety, perimenopause, family issues, life issues.....It takes me forever to fall asleep at night. Then I toss and turn allnight.  Does anyone else have these symptoms?



First, I definitely hope the sleep study helps you, Becky.

I can tell you that if I\'m really scared or pessimistic over something, my sleep will suffer too. It\'s not quite the same reaction -- I just tend to lie there and stare into space -- but it\'s the same problem. So it absolutely is not just you.

And yeah, I feel those effects too.